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God Awful Rebel Synopsis

Cupid’s star is rising high. The once-banished god of love has more street cred than ever, thanks to twice saving the kingdom.  He’s been declared heir to Olympus and aims to wed the girl of his dreams.

But enemies of the gods taste blood in the air, and a swarm of saboteurs come slithering in.

When three snake-haired sisters turn out to be not as dead as everyone thought and lay siege to the heavens, they threaten all that Cupid holds dear.  Add a goddess fighting to hide the truth, and ancient elementals bent on revenge, and there might not be any world left to save.

Cupid, though, has a secret of his own, one even he doesn’t know.  Will he discover it in time?  Can the heir apparent and his fragmented forces crush this new danger under heel?  Or is the venom coursing too deep?  Only a charmer like Cupid can unwind these dangerous coils.

God Awful Rebel smokes out the ways of old in the third and final bite of the God Awful series.

Author Bio

Silvia Acevedo is a journalist and former television news anchor. She’s interviewed presidential candidates and covered national and international stories for CNN and other TV and radio stations around the country. Silvia guest hosted a morning talk show for Milwaukee’s NBC station and continues to write for various news publications.

In her fiction, Silvia focuses on funny, adventurous mythology for teens on up, deftly weaving vignettes of ancient myth into a wholly new and laugh-out-loud story for the modern age. Her books include her debut, GOD AWFUL LOSER, its sequel, GOD AWFUL THIEF, and the final book in the trilogy, GOD AWFUL REBEL, releasing April 2019.

Silvia is the assistant regional advisor for the Wisconsin chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  She lives with her husband, Jeff Miracola, who is an accomplished fantasy illustrator and children’s book artist, just outside of Milwaukee.

Find her at www.silviaacevedo.com