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God Awful Loser – Book 1 in the God Awful Series

Life’s good at the top.

Until you’re not.

God Awful Loser BookThe son of the God of War has it all, and the smooth-talking, jet-setting master knows it. The once chubby cherub now has adoring fans, a shiny red limousine, and a mansion nearly, almost, not quite big enough to hold his enormous and ever-growing ego.

But everything changes for the sloppy, ill-aiming love god when a meddling stranger challenges him for his crown. Not even the advice of his war-mongering father, Mars, and embarrassingly underdressed mother, Venus, can save Cupid from the skids. Facing enraged immortals, epic battles against hell’s most vile creatures, and the dread of becoming mortal himself, Cupid teams up with an unlikely band of misfit fallen angels in the hopes of saving himself, the Olympic kingdom, and humans the world over. But can such an inept team of losers finally win when it counts?

Funny, rude, and planted smack in modern times, God Awful Loser is a new chapter on the ancient gods’ bad — and hugely entertaining — choices. May we never follow in their footsteps.

Book Details

Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: 7 and up
Publication date: 5/2015
Hardcover: 360 pages
Size: 5.5″x8.5″
Price: US $18.99 (Hardcover)
Price: US $8.99 (eBook)
Publisher: Three Points Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10 (hardcover): 0986320706
ISBN-13 (hardcover): 9780986320705
ISBN-10 (eBook): 0986320714
ISBN-13 (eBook): 9780986320712

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“funny moments and attention-grabbing action scenes… this book might appeal to older fans of the Rick Riordan books or those interested in Roman mythology. VERDICT for larger libraries with high demand for mythological fiction.”

“An awesome summer read you can’t miss!”

“I finished reading the ebook version of this yesterday. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally read it in 6 hours and would have finished sooner but was at work for the first part of it. When i started reading it he was a pompous ass but finished at a really great point and I can’t believe (***deleted spoiler here****). So great and I really hope this is a series and not just a stand alone book. Would love to read more books about Mars Jr. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

“With all the trappings of a Greek tragedy, Cupid’s fatal flaw, arrogance, leads to his fall from idolized god of love to homeless street person. Each time things can get no worse, they do. Can Cupid gather a ragtag army to regain his powers and usurp the pretender to his throne? His efforts to overcome powers arrayed against him, not to mention his own frailties, make for compelling reading. Don’t miss his ally Tamara as she journeys to Hades on his behalf.
Adventure spiced with wry humor makes this a great read.”

“Absolutely amazing. I love mythology stories and Acevedo hit it on the mark. I enjoyed her writing style and look forward to more stories about Cupid and the Roman pantheon.”

“A great first novel by S. Acevedo, God Awful Loser tells the tale of Cupid. Cupid has fallen from grace, has been banished from Olympus, and is about to be replaced by a new love-angel. Cupid meets up with a band of fallen angels and has to earn their trust to help him win back his spot as the god of love, while uncovering a plot to overthrow Olympus. Many characters from Roman mythology appear along the way. The story is set in modern times and bounces back and forth between Earth and Olympus. It’s a fast paced, action packed story that was fun to read. Aimed at young adults, I may not be the audience intended, but the book definitely held my interest to the very end.”

“Even though this is intended toward “young adults”, I enjoyed reading it and would read it again. I personally like books that catch my interest and this book definitely did it. God Awful Loser has it all, suspense, action, betrayal, loyalty and of course love. S. Acevedo did a great job in writing this book. I am looking forward in reading the next one and of course, hoping for a movie as well.”

“Thank you, I read the whole book in a weekend. It is a great story, the characters are three dimensional and interesting.
It is in part a coming of age story where external challenges, help Mars Jr. face his relationship to life and people around him. And how he fits into the picture to have a more satisfying fulfilling life. He faced his fatal flaw, and grew! Nice job. I would recommend this book not just to the young adult audience.”

About The Author

Silvia Acevedo

Silvia Acevedo


Silvia Acevedo is a television personality and former news reporter who’s spent many years reporting objective fact. She’s interviewed presidential candidates, covered national and international stories, and given breaking news reports for CNN and local television and radio stations around the country. She also occasionally guest hosts a television morning talk show for the Milwaukee NBC affiliate.

Roman gods, however, have been curiously absent during this time, so Ms. Acevedo decided to bring fiction — particularly mythology — back into her life. As soon as she did, the gods of old pestered her until she relented to write about one in particular. The result is the revenge you will soon hold in your hands. God Awful Loser is Silvia’s debut novel.

Visit her website at www.silviaacevedo.com