Ink Drawing Techniques Video and Art Book Kickstarter Campaign

Ink Drawing Techniques Video and Art Book Kickstarter Campaign

Hello everyone. We are happy to share with you a link to a preview of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Jeff Miracola’s Ink Drawing Techniques Video and Art Book that will be going live October 1, 2018. Take a look because there are some limited rewards. Feel free to share feedback on the page. And also feel free to click that “Follow Project” button so you get informed when the project goes live.

This Kickstarter campaign will be for the creation of the most comprehensive video (DVD and digital download formats) about Jeff Miracola’s ink drawing processes. But unlike the previous Acrylic and Oil Painting Techniques Kickstarter campaigns, this one will also include a 144 page art book featuring all of his ink drawings :-)

Preview the Kickstarter campaign here:

TODAY IS RELEASE DAY for Fantasy Art Workshop’s “Oil Painting Techniques” Video

Fantasy Art Workshop's Oil Painting Techniques DVDThree Points Publishing is thrilled. Today is the official release day of Fantasy Art Workshop’s Oil Painting Techniques DVD. This video is our second successful feature-length instructional set to hit the market. It’s getting great reviews, and I’m honored that the first video (the Workshop’s Acrylic Painting Techniques) is not only highly recommended by Video Librarian, but it’s also award-winning, having won ImagineFX Magazine’s lauded Artist’s Choice award.

So, why is it garnering such nice attention? Because artist, creator, and video host Jeff Miracola so generously shares his knowledge. Miracola’s got more than 23 years in the fantasy art industry working for the biggest entertainment names. His YouTube channel as more than 65 videos, 31,000 subscribers, and 1.4 million views. The feature-length DVDs/Digital Downloads came to be because people wanted more. Three Points Publishing delivered; Miracola by showing the world his form of magic, and Silvia Acevedo as videographer and occasional disembodied voice / cameo artist.

If you are an artist or have an artist in your life, we invite you to check out the series. You can read reviews on Amazon for the Oil Techniques here and the Acrylic Techniques here. We’re honored that our work has taught and inspired others.

Please check them out and remember: Draw, Paint, and Always Create! 😉

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